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Available with Business Analyst license.

Business Analyst Server at 10.6.1 is fully integrated with ArcGIS Enterprise, this provides several new benefits and features. To take advantage of these new capabilities it is recommended that a complete implementation of ArcGIS Enterprise is configured; ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Data Store.

  • Configure the Geoenrichment utility service in Portal for ArcGIS on-premises in your own infrastructure.
  • Enable usage of on-premises apps which leverage the Geoenrichment service such as: the Business Analyst web app, Business Analyst Desktop, the Business Analyst mobile app, ArcGIS Maps for Office, ArcGIS Pro and the enrich layer tool.
  • Publish query-enabled Esri US demographic and lifestyle map services and share them in Portal to power thematic mapping (color coded maps) in the Business Analyst web app.
  • The Business Analyst web app is included in the setup.

How to install Business Analyst Server 10.6.1

There are two setup executables that you will run in order to install Business Analyst Server:

  • Business Analyst Server: A business GIS solution consisting of tools and functions specifically designed to perform spatially enabled business analyses using geointelligent data stored on Web-accessible servers.

    • ArcGIS Server software (enterprise or workgroup level)
    • Business Analyst Server software
    • Business Analyst Desktop
    • Business Analyst 2018 Data
    • Business Analyst Web app

  • Business Analyst 2018 Data: Business, consumer spending, demographic, and segmentation datasets bundled together to help you analyze markets, profile customers, evaluate competitors, and identify opportunities. This includes a nationwide street network from HERE, Esri Updated Demographic data for multiple levels of geography (block groups, census tracts, ZIP Codes, counties, and so on), an address geocoding service, more than 12 million business locations from Infogroup, an extensive shopping center database, and Esri's USA Tapestry segmentation data. The Tapestry Segmentation data is included at the block group geography level. See Esri Data for more details on the data that is installed.

Steps to set up Business Analyst Server 10.6.1

Business Analyst Server will work alongside single-machine and multi-tiered deployments of ArcGIS Enterprise. The Business Analyst web app requires a portal with a hosting server, however, standalone ArcGIS Server implementations of Business Analyst Server are also supported for legacy custom applications.

  1. Install Base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment
    • Install ArcGIS Server
    • Install Portal for ArcGIS
    • Install ArcGIS Data Store - Upon setup, this should be configured as a relational data store.
    • Install ArcGIS Web Adaptor (IIS) - One web adaptor installation for traffic to your portal and one for traffic to your ArcGIS Server
    • Add licenses for the Business Analyst web app to Portal. See this topic on configuring licenses.
    • Manage licenses for the Business Analyst web app and grant access to the Portal administrator.

      The portal administrator account needs a license for the BA web app to authenticate when running the post install.

  2. Install Business Analyst Data
  3. Configure a Network Utility Service – Powers driving and walking study areas in the Business Analyst web app
    • ArcGIS Online or On-premises services are supported.
  4. Configure a Geocoder Utility Service
    • ArcGIS Online World Geocoder or an on-premises geocoder service is supported.
  5. Install Business Analyst Server (can be installed on the hosting server for an all-in-one single machine deployment or a separate GIS server federated with Portal for ArcGIS)
  6. Configure Goenrichment in Portal as a utility service
  7. Publish Demographic Map Services
  8. Install the Business Analyst web app on Portal for ArcGIS
    • Import Entitlements
    • Manage License
  9. Access web application from a portal gallery