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Logging information

Available with Business Analyst license.

You can set up different levels of logging using the Business Analyst Capabilities page from ArcGIS Server Manager.

The parameters available for Business Analyst Server logging are:

Log path = path to the log file

Logger level = level of logging

  • 0: Off. Logger turned off.
  • 1: Basic. ERROR
  • 2: Detailed. ERROR, WARNING, INFO.

By default, logging is set to 0 and can be changed.

These message types are defined as follows:

LOG_ERROR—This message should be logged when a server operation fails because of an error on the operation side of the call. The message text contains a detailed description of the problem.

LOG_WARNING—This message should be logged when a server operation was completed successfully but there was a problem that was unable to be recovered.

LOG_INFO—This is an informational log message. For example, type INFO could be used for messages logged after drawing each map layer during the processing of a request.

LOG_DEBUG—This message may include information for debugging or testing server components. DEBUG logging could be used to report conditions that do not normally occur.

To add new logger services

  1. Access the Business Analyst service properties by following the steps in Accessing properties of a map service using ArcGIS Server Manager.
  2. Click the Logger tab.
    Logger tab
  3. Enter a path to the log files.
  4. In the Enter logging level drop-down list, select a level. The levels are described above.
  5. When your modified settings are complete click Save and Restart.