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Frequently asked questions

Available with Business Analyst license.

Common questions for installing and configuring Business Analyst Server 10.6.1

Business Analyst Server installation and configuration

The Business Analyst web app on-prem installation and configuration

Configuring and using Utility Services

Why is the Business Analyst Server post install failing?

If the post install fails with this message: Can't create default map service configuration. Please restart ArcGIS Server and rerun the Business Analyst Server Post Install. It is important to note the errors in the Post Install dialog window before clicking Finish. You can also click on Show Post Install log file before finishing to save the log messages to a text file.

Possible errors

  • The Map service created but failed to start because the ''map document file doesn't exist at this location ().

    This error likely means that Business Analyst Server has been installed before the Business Analyst Server data. The Business Analyst Server data should exist in a location such as: C:\ArcGIS\Business Analyst\US_2018_Server. If the data has not been installed on the machine, see this topic on how to install: Installing Business Analyst data.

  • Failed: Can’t get Extension types.

    The likely cause of this error is that ArcGIS Server has not been federated with Portal. Business Analyst Server can be installed on a standalone GIS Server, however, that type of installation must be selected at the beginning of the post install. For information on federating a server with Portal, see this topic:

  • Creating and starting the Map service with Business Analyst capability (DefaultMap) ... Can't create default map service configuration.

    This error likely means the DefaultMap service failed to publish because the setup was unable to update files or services while the system was running. First try restarting ArcGIS Server and re-running the post install. If this does not fix the problem, a reboot of the machine is required.

Why do I see an Invalid redirect uri when signing into the Business Analyst web app?

The most likely cause is that redirectURIs have not been added in the App Info. Login to the portaladmin directory as an administrator and navigate to the UpdateAppInfo endpoint, for example:

In the example syntax below, replace with your domain name for both http and https. Paste the syntax into the App Info and click Update App.

{"appId": "busanalystonline_2","redirectURIs": ["http://*", "https://*", "urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob"]}
Portal Administrator Directory - Update App

Why can’t I login to the Business Analyst web app?

If you are receiving this error when trying to login: You do not have permissions to access this application it is likely because that user has not been granted a license by the Portal administrator. Login to Portal as an administrator and click My Organization > Manage Licenses:

Manage Licenses

Next, click on a user’s link to their licensed products:

Users' linked products

Check the box for Esri Business Analyst web app to assign a license to the user.

Portal admin

User must be a level 2 user with at least a publisher role.

Why don’t I have an option to manage licenses for the Business Analyst web app in Portal?

Before licenses can be managed within Portal, the entitlements file must first be imported, the entitlements file should be available to download in MyEsri. Once downloaded, the file can be imported in the Portal Administrator Directory, for example:

Import entitlements

After the entitlements are imported, refresh the My Organization page in Portal and Manage License should appear:

Why does the Business Analyst web app never finish loading after logging in?

After logging in, the application takes some time to initialize by connecting to the underlying services. However, if the app never finishes initializing, the first thing to check is if GeoEnrichment has been configured as a utility service in Portal. The Portal administrator can check the portal/self endpoint and review the helper services.

"geoenrichment": {"url": ""}
Is there an entry for GeoEnrichment? If so, make sure the administrator has shared the service with the Portal organization.

Why can’t I create a project in the Business Analyst web app?

The project layers in the Business Analyst web app depend on hosted feature services in Portal and the most likely cause is that a hosting server has not been configured in Portal. To check, sign into Portal as an administrator My Organization > Edit Settings > Servers.

Verify that there is a server listed with a value of true for Is Hosted.

Server configuration

A less likely cause for this behavior is that a hosting server is configured, however, the ArcGIS Data Store has not been installed and a different enterprise database is being used to support the hosting server. In this case unexpected behavior may occur as not all databases are the same e.g., postgres does not support mixed case field names. Enhancements can be considered to support hosting servers with a non-standard data store.

Why doesn’t Color Coded Maps work in the Business Analyst web app, it is greyed out and says Color-Coded Maps is not available for the selected country?

There are eight dynamic map services that need to be published and shared with the Esri Demographic Layers group in Portal to support this functionality. There are service definition files provided with the US_2018_Server data along with a script to publish and share these map services with the group and portal organization. For more information on this topic, see the help page:

Esri Demographic Layers

The Esri Demographic Layers group is a system group and does not need to be created manually, the provided script will publish the service definition files as map services, share them with the Esri Demographic Layers group, and also share them with the Portal organization so that users of the Business Analyst web app don’t need to belong to the Esri Demographic Layers group to use Color Coded Maps. If access of the map services is restricted to only the Esri Demographic Layers group, users of the app will need to belong to the group for Color Coded Maps to work.

Why don’t all of the features display when using Color Coded Maps?

The default number of records returned in a map service is 1000 for performance reasons, however, this value can be updated in the service properties with ArcGIS Server Manager. This value can be modified to a recommended value no higher than 3500.

ArcGIS Server Manager

Why doesn't place search work in the Business Analyst web app?

If you're seeing an error such as: An unexpected error occurred when attempting to geocode, the most common reason is that a geocoder service hasn't been configured in Portal.

Error dialog

Place search in the Business Analyst web app uses a geocode service much as drive times use a network service area service. A cloud based geocoder can be used from ArcGIS Online or published locally to ArcGIS Server from the Business Analyst geocoding data. Place search or geosearch does not consume credits as it is not a batch geocoding operation (importing a csv file of x y locations would be considered a batch geocode job).

Check if a geocoder has been configured in Portal in the self-discovery endpoint, in this example the ArcGIS Online World geocoder has been configured. Note that the Batch Geocoder is listed first and has an associated portal item in the url referencing the item with stored credentials.

"geocode": [{
 "url": "",
 "name": "Esri World Batch Geocoder",
 "placeholder": "Find address or place",
 "singleLineFieldName": "SingleLine",
 "batch": true,
 "placefinding": true,
 "suggest": true,
 "zoomScale": 10000
 }, {
 "url": "",
 "northLat": "Ymax",
 "southLat": "Ymin",
 "eastLon": "Xmax",
 "westLon": "Xmin",
 "name": "Esri World Geocoder",
 "suggest": true

A less common cause would be that a geocode service has been published to ArcGIS Server and configured in Portal but it does not support suggestions. When typing a place in the search bar, a suggestion is requested from the geocoder to guess the place. If the geocoder was published from an address locator that does not support suggestions, it will result in this behavior.


The Business Analyst Desktop 2018 US geocoding data does not support suggestions, whereas, the Business Analyst Server 2018 US geocoding data does. Address locators with support for suggestions consume more memory and this can lead to a degradation in performance for large geocode jobs within Business Analyst Desktop, thus, for performance reasons, suggestions were removed from the Business Analyst Desktop geocoding data. This is a primary reason why a separate Server US 2018 data download was made available - to support geocoders with suggestion capabilities.