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Downloading a project

Available with Business Analyst license.

To make an existing Business Analyst Server project available to Business Analyst Desktop, download it from the server to your desktop system. As with uploading, downloads use the ArcMap application.

To perform this task in ArcMap, follow these steps:

  1. Start a session in ArcMap.
  2. In Catalog, click Business Analyst Repository.
  3. Right-click your destination project. Click Download Project....
    Download project drop-down
  4. In the Download Project window click the Select Business Analyst Server: drop-down list and specify the URL of the server from which you want to download the project.
    Select the server
  5. This action populates the remaining settings in the dialog box.

  6. In the Select Workspace drop-down list, select the workspace in which the project resides.
  7. In the Select an Existing Project drop-down list, choose the project to download.
  8. Under Select the items to Download, check to enable the items you want to download or disable the items you want to omit.
  9. Select an existing project, or specify a new project, for which you want to download the items.
  10. Click Download.

ArcMap creates a local version of the project from the specified server project. The Business Analyst Desktop application can use this new version. The download is now complete.