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Deploying Demographic Map Services

Available with Business Analyst license.

Demographic map services power Color Coded Maps functionality in the Business Analyst web app and in Business Analyst Desktop. Deploying them to your portal is an essential step in the data installation process that should be performed after you install Business Analyst Data.


  • ArcGIS Portal, with ArcGIS Server federated into it and set as Hosting server. It is not required that this is the same instance as used for Business Analyst Server. Depending on your configuration and load, you might decide to use a dedicated server for Demographic Map Services.
  • It is recommended that you use Portal Administrator account to perform the deployment. You can also use any Publisher account, but in this case you will have to make sure that this account is a member in Esri Demographic Layers group.
  • Substantial free disk space in your arcgisserver directory, e.g. C:\arcgisserver. Deployed Demographic Map Services require about 110 Gb of space on this drive.
  • Enough RAM on the Server machine. With all services started, you will need about 16 Gb RAM minimally to run ArcGIS Server.

During this process you will need to deploy 8 Server Definition (SD) files to Server, spin up 8 ArcGIS Server based Feature Services based on those SDs, share them with Portal, and share them to the Esri Demographic Layers group in Portal.

Deployment Instructions

Make sure you have access to Business Analyst 2018 US Data Install. To achieve optimal performance, it is recommended that you copy this install to a local hard drive on the machine running Server.

  1. Start the <Server Data Install Path>\ ServiceDefinitions\ Python script.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to provide the following information:

    • Portal User Name (it is recommendation that you use Portal Admin. You can also use any Publisher who is a portal member.
    • Portal User Password
    • Portal URL (e.g.
    • Server URL (e.g.
    • Folder with SD Files (e.g. F:\ESRI_BA_Server_2018_US_Data\ServiceDefinitions)


    The publishing process might take up to several hours to complete. At the beginning of the process the following checks are performed:

    • Free space in Server’s Upload directory
    • Correctness of URLs
    • Necessary permissions on the user account

    During actual publishing the script iterates over the Service definition files. For each SD file, it uses an Upload Service Definition Geoprocessing tool to publish the file to Server and performs Portal API calls to ensure that the services are accessible to the Server and are discoverable by the Business Analyst web app and by Business Analyst Desktop.

  3. Verify the results by checking the execution log. There should be no errors. Below is an example log (in two parts):

    Execution log part 1

    Execution log part 2

  4. Verify the results by checking the services in the Esri Demographic Services group. It should look like the following:

    Esri services on Portal

    The following map services are expected to be there:

    • USA_ACS_2015
    • USA_Age_by_Gender_by_Race_2018
    • USA_Consumer_Expenditures_2018
    • USA_Demographics_and_Boundaries_2018
    • USA_MPI_1_2018
    • USA_MPI_2_2018
    • USA_Retail_Marketplace_2018
    • USA_Shopping_Center

Once you verify that the feature services are successfully published, you can proceed with the next steps in the installation process.

Silent Installation

Rather than selecting the parameters interactively, you can enter them in the command line.

  1. -u PortalAdministrator -p <PortalAdminPassword> -s -t -f <FolderWithSDFiles>