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Configuring a geocoder utility service

Available with Business Analyst license.

The Business Analyst web app leverages geocode services for place searches and batch geocoding of imported spreadsheets with point locations. Geocode services can be easily configured in Portal for ArcGIS to use cloud based services from ArcGIS Online or they can be published to ArcGIS Server using the Business Analyst geocoding data.

Configure ArcGIS Online geocoder utility services

The following workflow will guide you in the configuration of you geocoder utility service from the Portal for ArcGIS website.

  1. Sign in to the portal website as an Administrator of your organization and click through to My Organization > Edit Settings > ArcGIS Online.
  2. Select the Geocode service.
  3. Enter the credentials for the ArcGIS Online account to be used for the utility services.
  4. Click Configure
  5. Click Utility Services and scroll down to Geocoding.
  6. Move the Esri World Batch Geocoder service to the top of the list.
    Geocoder services list
  7. Click Save.

The utility services you select will be configured with the portal. An item is created in the portal that stores the ArcGIS Online account credentials with it. Each item is shared with the portal's organizational members at the time it is created. You can view the items or edit their sharing properties in My Content.

For more information about configuring utility services, click here.

Publish a Geocode Utility Service to ArcGIS Server

Business Analyst data comes with geocoding data, the address locator can be published to ArcGIS Server as a geocode service and configured in Portal.

The following workflow will show you how to add a geocoder; allowing you to perform batch geocoding and place finding.

  1. Find the USA_LocalComposite address locator in ArcCatalog: C:\ArcGIS\Business Analyst\US_2018_Server\Data\Geocoding Data.


    The Geocoding Data folder should be registered with the data store before publishing so that the large dataset is not copied to the server.

  2. Right Click and choose Share As > Geocode Service...
    Share as a geocode service
  3. Click Publish a Service. Choose a different name from the default such as Local_Geocoder. Use the existing root folder and click Publish.
  4. Sign in to the Portal for ArcGIS website as your organization administrator and click through to My Organization > My Content > Local_Geocoder > Share > Portal for ArcGIS.
  5. While still signed into the portal website as an Administrator of your organization, click through to My Organization > Edit Settings > Utility Services > Add Geocoder.
  6. Paste the GeocodeServer URL from the settings tab of the Geocoder item page in My Content.
  7. Check the Allow place finding and Allow batch geocoding checkboxes.
    Add Geocoder
  8. Click OK.