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Repository logical structure

Available with Business Analyst license.

The repository is a multilayered storage structure. In the illustration below you can see that the uppermost repository level is the Repository Root element. It corresponds to a shared folder or an enterprise, workgroup, or desktop geodatabase workspace accessible by ArcGIS Server. Below the Repository Root, the repository provides personal workspaces to store data. Workspaces act as logical elements that can help organize your data into projects that you define. A workspace can contain as many projects as required, but any project name inside a workspace must be unique.

Repository levels
  • At the top level of the repository are workspaces. At least one workspace, namely Default Workspace, is contained in the repository.
  • A workspace is used to group projects. At least one project, namely Default Project, is contained in a workspace.
  • A project forms the next level of hierarchy and contains folders.
  • A folder can contain a number of items such as analyses, store layers, customer layers, trade areas, reports, etc.
  • An item makes up the lowest level of the repository.

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