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What's new in Business Analyst Desktop

Available with Business Analyst license.

In the latest Business Analyst Desktop update we have implemented several new features that allow for using your own proprietary data and managing content more efficiently as well as expanding the reach of your projects. Portal collaboration makes it easy to share maps, apps and content securely between multiple enterprise deployments.

The following are highlights of the major features and enhancements in the 10.6.1 release.

  • 2018/2023 U.S. Demographics and data updates

    2018/2023 estimates and projections for U.S. demographics, daytime population, consumer spending, market potential, and business data. Learn more about specific data variable and report changes.

  • Expanded use of custom data

    At 10.6, Business Analyst introduced a new and easy way to bring in your own custom data and use it alongside Business Analyst data in tools and workflows including the Spatial Overlay geoprocessing tool. At 10.6.1, Business Analyst users can now leverage their custom data in more places.

  • Enhancements working with online projects

    Business Analyst support for working with shared content across apps via Business Analyst Projects has been improved at 10.6.1 with enhanced support through ArcGIS Online and Business Analyst Server. In addition to being able to read, list, and work with content hosted by online Projects, Business Analyst Desktop users can now publish additional map layers to these shared repositories which can be used and access by other Business Analyst users.

  • Increased Address Coder performance

    Address Coder is a powerful application included with Business Analyst Desktop that supports geocoding and appending Business Analyst data, including demographics, to very large customer datasets. At 10.6.1, Address Coder will be able to process records even faster with some behind-the-scenes improvements.

  • Updated user-interface

    Workflow wizards and project settings have been updated to reflect the additional data source capability and portal connectivity.