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Share content with collaboration groups

Supported item types, including web apps, maps, layers, and files, can be shared across participants in a collaboration. When content is shared with a participant, a new folder is created under the participating administrator's folder. This folder is used to import the content and store the items, which are then shared with the group associated with the collaboration workspace. The folder is named based on the collaboration name.

If you change the way in which an item is shared, ensure you modify the sharing settings for related items as well. For example, if a web map was previously shared with Everyone but you altered it to be shared with your organization, you should change the settings in any operational layers contained in the web map accordingly.

Share web apps

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 organizations can share web apps with other ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 organizations and ArcGIS Online organizations participating in a collaboration. ArcGIS Online organizations cannot share web apps with ArcGIS Enterprise organizations at this time. Web apps can be shared in the following ways:

  • Configurable app templates—When a configurable app template is shared with collaboration participants, a corresponding web app item is created in the collaboration. The organization's shareable theme properties are also shared with the application. Collaboration participants receive a copy of the web app as well as copies of the items consumed by the application. Any utility resources included in the application such as geocoding or printing, will be updated to use the corresponding utility services on the destination URL.
  • Web AppBuilder apps—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS allows you to build custom 2D or 3D web applications using ready-to-use or custom widgets. Recipients of shared Web AppBuilder apps will have the option to download the corresponding code or create an application template to their organization.
  • Other web apps referenced by URL—ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 organizations can add an existing application as an item to its portal by providing a URL. The sharing organization will reference the application from its existing URL. You must ensure receiving participants are granted permissions to access the app.

Share maps

When you share web maps that contain hosted layers with collaboration participants, corresponding web map items are created in the collaboration. You should also share any related items for the hosted layers in the web map and source data that created those layers to the collaboration group. For example, if you share a web map with a hosted feature layer published from a shapefile, share the hosted feature layer and shapefile with the group associated with the collaboration workspace. That way, collaboration participants receive a copy of the web map, a copy of the hosted feature layer, and a copy of the original shapefile.

Share scenes

When you share web scenes, feature layers contained in the web scene will be shared as copies as long as the collaboration group is configured to share as copies.

Share layers

All layer items can be shared in a collaboration as references to the original source data. For hosted feature layers, there is an additional option to share these items as copies.For hosted feature layers, there is an additional option to share these items as copies.

Share a layer as a reference

All layer items can be shared as references. If you share a layer as a reference, a new item is created in the participant portals that refers back to the original service; the services and corresponding data are not copied to each participating portal. If a participant shares a feature service as a referenced item, only designated members of the originating portal can maintain edits to the original feature service. For layers shared as reference, collaboration participants receive live access to feature layers within their group that is linked to the collaboration workspace. Collaboration participants must have access to the originating portal to view the layer. For secured layers, this includes the need to be able to authenticate in the originating portal as a member to whom the layer has been shared. The members in the originating portal must be part of a group where the source layer is shared to. This includes members assigned to the viewer role with a level 1 named user license.

Share a hosted or federated feature layer as a copy

Hosted or federated feature layer items can be shared with the option to copy data. If you share a feature layer by copying data, a new item is created in the receiving participant portals, and the copied data is used to publish a feature layer on the participant portal. The owner of the original feature service can edit the feature service and synchronize changes to the participant portals at a scheduled interval. To use this approach, the sync interval must be set in the collaboration workspace, and sync must be enabled on each participating item in the collaboration.

When you join a workspace where access includes Send content, items you add to the workspace's group are sent to organizations configured to Receive content from the workspace. For sync-enabled feature layer items, the data and the feature layer are copied to the receiving organization. The copied feature layer will be hosted by and have a URL that references the receiving organization. Edits made to the feature layer in your organization are applied to any receiving organization's copy once the workspace is synced.

For more information, see Share feature layer data as copies.

Share ArcGIS Server services

If an ArcGIS Server service item is shared to the portal where it originated, as well as to a group associated with a collaboration workspace, members of other participants are still prompted for credentials when adding the service to a map. To avoid a prompt for credentials, you must share the service in the originating portal with Everyone as well as with the group associated with the collaboration workspace.

ArcGIS Server services that are shared with collaboration participants create items in the participant portals that refer to the original service; the services and corresponding data are not copied to each participating portal. If a participant shares a feature service, only the owner of that service can edit the original feature service.

Once a feature layer has been shared as a data copy, any subsequent schema changes such as enabling attachments will not be synchronized with other participant portals. Ownership-based access control settings on the original hosted feature layer will not be included in the copied data.

Share files

Files such as PDFs shared with collaboration participants create corresponding file items in the collaboration participant portals. Any changes you make to those files as a guest participant will be overwritten when the content is synced from the item's source. The same is true of metadata associated with an item.

Mobile map packages (.mmpk) can be shared with collaboration participants as long as they are not owned by "esri_nav".


Item comments are not synced with collaboration participants.