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Attribute field management

Each layer in a hosted feature layer contains an attribute table that stores the data for the layer. Each table contains rows (features) and columns (fields).

Anyone with access to the layer can view the attribute table from Map Viewer or the Data tab of the layer's item page.

If you allow others to edit your hosted feature layer, editors can open the attribute table in Map Viewer or open the table page of the layer's item page and update values.

If you own the layer or you are an administrator of your organization, you can perform the following field management operations from the Data tab of the layer's item page:

Set a display name

You can change the field name that other users see when they view a hosted feature layer's attribute table. Set a display name that concisely conveys the field contents to help others understand the data.

Changing the display name for a field does not affect the field name stored in the attribute table. Because it's a property of the field and not a field name, the display name can contain spaces and nonalphanumeric characters.

To change the field name that others see when viewing the attribute table, follow these steps:

  1. From the layer's item page, click the Data tab to show the table.
  2. Click Fields.
  3. If your hosted feature layer contains more than one sublayer, choose the sublayer you want to alter from the Layer drop-down menu.

    The fields list shows each field's display name, field name, and data type.

  4. Click the display name for the field you want to alter to open the field's details.
  5. Click Edit next to the display name and type a new name.

    Keep the name as brief as possible while still conveying the content of the field.

  6. Click Save when you're finished.

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