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Set refresh interval

A refresh interval keeps your maps in sync with the latest data while the map is open. For example, you might have a collector map with a damage assessment feature layer that field workers update every few minutes. Setting up this damage layer with a refresh interval helps your office team see the latest feature data from the field while keeping the map open in their browser, desktop, or device. You can enable a refresh interval between six seconds and one day on Living Atlas layers, basemaps, and layers from the web. See an example of a map with a wind layer that is refreshed every hour.

  1. Verify that you are signed in and have privileges to create content.

    If you do not have privileges to create content, you can still set the refresh interval to explore data by clicking Modify Map.

  2. Open the map in Map Viewer, click Details, and click Contents.
  3. Browse to the layer where you want to set a refresh interval, click More OptionsMore Options, and click Refresh Interval.
  4. Check the Refresh interval every 0 minutes check box.
  5. Enter the interval, in minutes, that you want the layer refreshed. The valid range is 0.1 (6 seconds) to 1440 (1 day).
  6. If you own the layer and want the refresh interval to apply to the layer whenever it appears in a map, click Save Layer.
  7. Click Save to save changes to the map.

You will see any updates that have been made to the data in this layer at the refresh interval you specified.

Considerations for refreshing a layer

  • You can enable a refresh interval on the following types of layers: ArcGIS Server web service, hosted feature layer, hosted tile layer, OGC WMS, OGC WMTS, tile layer, GeoRSS, Living Atlas layers, basemaps (including Bing Maps basemaps), CSV file from the web with latitude and longitude fields, and KML when added to ArcGIS Online through the My Content tab of the content page.
  • When a layer is redrawn, the layer data is automatically refreshed and the refresh interval starts over. The layer data will refresh again after the specified reset interval has passed or the layer is redrawn, whichever comes first. The layer is redrawn when you pan, zoom, or reload the layer. For KML and GeoRSS, the layer is redrawn when you reload the layer (not when you pan or zoom).
  • You cannot enable a refresh interval on a CSV file from the web with address fields (instead of latitude and longitude), map notes, or a file you imported to the map (shapefile, CSV, or GPX).
  • Layers only refresh when they are within the visible scale range defined for that layer.