What's new in 2.5

ArcGIS for Windows Phone version 2.5 was released in June 2012. It includes enhancements and also addresses some issues.


Version 2.5 of the app includes the following enhancements:

Editing experience enhancements

Hosted feature layers and ArcGIS Server 10.1 feature services support tracking the identity of editors and restricting edits based on ownership of features. If editor tracking is enabled, the app displays who and when a feature was last edited along with feature attributes. If ownership based access is also enabled, the ability to edit or delete features may be restricted.

Screen shot of editor tracking information when viewing feature attributes.


Additional languages are now supported: Korean, Dutch, Polish, and Swedish. The language used by the app is determined by your phone's display language setting.

Screen shot of the app in Swedish on the map page with the app bar extended.

Issues addressed

The 2.5 release also addresses a number of issues; therefore, the following are now working as expected:

  • Support for secure mobile content servers
  • Map item renderers take precedence over service renderers