Use the app

The following are some frequently asked questions about using the ArcGIS app.

What map functionality is available through the app?

All maps in the app support the following functionality:

  • Navigating the map by panning, zooming, and using bookmarks
  • Choosing a different basemap
  • Viewing the legend
  • Finding places and addresses
  • Measuring areas and distances
  • Viewing the coordinates of a point
  • Turning visibility of data on and off
  • Viewing your current location (if your device allows it), with automatic panning if desired
  • Querying information in the map by tapping or using predefined queries

If the map is authored to support the following functionality, it is available in the app:

  • Viewing pop-ups
  • Creating and editing data—Includes support for template-based data collection and attribute editing with complex data models (such as domains and subtypes)

What ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS functionality is available through the app?

The app supports the following ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS functionality:

  • Searching for maps
  • Signing in to your account and working with your maps
  • Viewing map galleries, including featured maps
  • Viewing map details

How do I see more information about features on the map?

Tap a feature on the map to open the feature's pop-up and see more information about the feature. If no information displays, the map author did not expose information about the features. As a map author, configure pop-ups to display information about features to users of your map. For details, see Configure pop-ups in the ArcGIS Online Help system.

See View feature information for details.

How do I accurately select a point on the map?

Do a long press on the map (tap and hold for a second or two) to open a magnifying glass. This shows a magnified picture of the map with a cross hair and allows you to move your finger over the feature more accurately.

Can I edit data in the app?

The editing capabilities of the app are based on those allowed by the map. If supported by the map and the data, the app supports:

  • Adding, updating, and deleting features
  • Editing restrictions based on user identity and feature ownership
  • Tracking who made edits, and when the edits were made
  • Attaching photos to features

To collect data with the app, the map you work with needs to contain an editable layer. Supported editable layers include ArcGIS Server feature services, ArcGIS Spatial Data Server editable feature services, and hosted feature layers from an ArcGIS organization. For more information, see Edit features.

How do I create a new feature?

If the map supports creating new features, you see a wrench icon on the toolbar. Tap it and select collect. In the dialog box that appears, select the type of feature you want to collect, then provide information about your new feature:

  • Tap fields to edit their attributes.
  • Collect the location and shape of the feature by going to the location panel and tapping collect location. Tap the check mark to use the geometry for your new feature.

Save your edits by tapping the save icon on the app bar. You won't be able to save the feature if you haven't provided a location.

How do I edit an existing feature?

Using the app, you can update the attributes and location of features where the author of the map has allowed it. To edit a feature, tap it to view a callout for the feature. Tap more to view the feature's information. If the feature is editable, you see a pencil on the app bar that can be tapped to start editing.

When you are editing, tap fields to edit their attributes. Change the geometry of the feature by going to the location panel and tapping edit. Save your edits by tapping the save icon on the app bar.

How do I search for or query features on the map?

If the map author included a predefined query, you can run it to search for features on the map. When viewing a map with a predefined query, tap search on the toolbar. Tap predefined queries to display a list of available queries. Tap a query to run it. See Run a predefined query for details.

As a map author, see create a query in the ArcGIS Explorer Online Help system, and this forum thread on how to add search by attributes.

How do I open a map saved on my server?

If your map is hosted on your ArcGIS for Server using a mobile content server, add a connection to ArcGIS for Server, connect to it, and browse to your map. You can see this on the iPad in the video Accessing mobile projects through smartphone applications or see Connect to a mobile content server.