Update location

Once a feature is on the map, you can edit its location by taking the following steps:

  1. Tap the feature on the map to drop a blue pin and show the feature's location.
    Screen shot of identify on a feature.
  2. In the InfoWindow that displays for the location, tap more to see details about that location, including any features found with pop-ups.
    Screen shot of a feature's pop-up.

    If the location you tapped has multiple features with pop-ups, you'll see a pivot of those features (as shown in the previous screen shot). You can switch between the pop-ups by swiping from panel to panel inside the features window.

  3. In the feature pivot, display the information about the feature you're going to update.
  4. Tap the edit icon edit icon.

    The Edit pivot displays on the attributes panel.

    Screen shot of the Edit pivot's attributes panel.

  5. Swipe to the location panel.
    Screen shot of the populated Edit pivot's location panel.
  6. Tap edit.

    You are taken to the map to edit the location of the feature. The app bar and hint text are for editing, and tapping the map places points or vertices for the feature being edited.

    Screen shot of the map for editing the location of a point feature.

  7. Update the geometry.

    Update the location of a point feature

    Tap the map to move the point, or use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to use the device's current location.

    Update the location of a polyline or polygon feature

    Use the bounding box to scale or rotate the feature. Tap and drag a vertex to move it. Tap the center of a line segment to add a vertex to it.

    Screen shot of the bounding box when editing a polygon's geometry.

    Cancel the update

    Press the Back button to cancel the geometry update, leave the map, and return to the location panel.

    Clear and restart collecting the geometry

    Expand the app bar's context menu and select clear. Collect the new geometry either by tapping the map or using the GPS to use the device's current location.

    When using the GPS to collect a point, you have the following options:

    • If the GPS symbol is not already on the map, tap the me icon me icon to show your current location on the map.
    • If the GPS symbol is on the map, tap the me icon (either tracking me icon when tracking or not tracking me icon when not tracking) to turn it off.
    • Tap the use location icon use location icon to add a point at the current GPS location.
    • Once you have placed one or more points on the map, the undo icon undo icon will be enabled. Tap undo to undo your previous change to the geometry. Clearing the geometry also clears the history of changes, so this icon disables again after the geometry is cleared.
  8. Tap the accept icon accept icon.

    You're returned to the location panel, and the address of the feature is updated.

  9. Tap the save icon save icon.

The updates you made to the feature's geometry are saved.