Update attributes

Once an editable feature is on the map, you can edit its attributes by taking the following steps:

  1. Tap the feature on the map to drop a blue pin and show the feature's location.
    Screen shot of identify on a feature.
  2. In the InfoWindow that displays for the location, tap more to see details about that location, including any features found with pop-ups.
    Screen shot of a feature's pop-up.

    If the location you tapped has multiple features with pop-ups, you'll see a pivot of those features (as shown in the previous screen shot). You can switch between the pop-ups by swiping from panel to panel inside the features window.

  3. In the feature pivot, display the information about the feature you're going to update.
  4. Tap the edit icon edit icon.

    The Edit pivot displays on the attributes panel.

    Screen shot of the Edit pivot's attributes panel.

  5. Update the attributes by tapping their fields to select them.
  6. Tap the save iconsave icon.

The updates you made to the feature's attributes are saved.