Switch your online GIS connection

Using ArcGIS for Windows Phone you can connect to many online geographic information systems (GIS) and easily switch between those connections. To switch to a previously used connection, take the following steps:

  1. Open the ArcGIS app on your Windows Phone device.
  2. If prompted, specify if the app is allowed to access your location.

    The Map Hub appears. It is a panorama that provides access to maps and settings. ArcGIS Online is the default connection. If this is the desired connection, skip the remaining steps.

  3. To switch to a connection to an online GIS you have used through the app before, swipe to the settings panel.
    Settings panel of the Map Hub.
  4. Tap connection.

    The connection page appears. On this page you can see what online GIS you are currently connected to, as well as manage and connect to other online GIS systems. In the following screen shot, the app is currently connected to ArcGIS Online and has another known connection to a different online GIS.

    Connection page showing a connection to ArcGIS Online and another known connection to another online GIS.

  5. To switch the connection to the other online GIS, tap the name of the other online GIS in the Known connections list.

The Map Hub returns. If you stored a user name and password with that connection, or if the connection allows anonymous access, you are connected to the selected online GIS. If you had stored a user name and password, you are also signed into the online GIS.

If you didn't store a user name and password, and anonymous access is not allowed, you see a message that anonymous access is not allowed. The Map Hub returns but is still connected to the previous online GIS. To provide credentials and connect to the online GIS not allowing anonymous access, return to the connection page. The connection of interest will be tagged Attention required. Tap that connection and provide a user name and password to complete the connection.

The app remembers this connection and uses it the next time you open the app.

If you are connected to an ArcGIS organization, you see the name of that connection underneath the ArcGIS heading.

Screen shot of the maps panel of the Map Hub, showing an organization's name as the subtitle.