Sign in to an online GIS

Online geographic information system (GIS) platforms, such as ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS, host maps that you can open on your Windows Phone device. Some maps are publically available, while access to others is restricted. To use ArcGIS for Windows Phone to access all content available to you on an online GIS, you need to log into the online GIS connection from the app. See the following steps:

  1. Start the ArcGIS app on your Windows Phone device.
  2. If prompted, specify whether the app is allowed to access your location.

    You are taken to the Map Hub, a panorama with access to maps and settings. By default, you are connected to ArcGIS Online. To change this connection, you can either add a connection to an online GIS or switch your online GIS connection.

  3. In the Map Hub, swipe to the account panel.
    Screen shot of the account panel of the Map Hub.
  4. Tap account sign in.

    The Sign in page displays.

  5. Enter your username and password.
    Screen shot of the Sign in page.
  6. Tap sign in.
    Screen shot of the account panel when signed in.

You are now signed into your account for the online GIS from the app. You can now access any maps and groups available when using that same online GIS website. Accessible items are included in search results when you search for maps.