Search for maps and groups

To find maps and groups of interest, take the following steps to search the content of an online geographic information system (GIS):

  1. Go to the Map Hub.
  2. On the maps or account panel in the Map Hub, expand the app bar by tapping the ellipses.

    The search icon will be visible.

    Screen shot of the app bar expanded on the maps panel.
  3. Tap the search icon search icon.

    The map and group search text box will be available. If your connection is to an ArcGIS organizational account, you will have a check box that allows you to search only the organization. If it is not checked, all of ArcGIS Online, including the organization, will be searched.

    Screen shot of the map and group search.

  4. Type the search string in the search for maps or a groups text box.
  5. Tap Enter on the keypad.

    You'll be taken to the Map Hub search results page. This is a pivot, so you'll be able to switch between a list of map results and a list of group results by either tapping the title or swiping horizontally on the screen.

  6. If you're looking for a map, swipe to the maps pivot if you're not already there. Tap the thumbnail of a map to open it, or tap the description to view the details of the map.
    Screen shot of the Map Hub search results maps panel.
  7. If you're looking for a group, swipe to the groups pivot. Tap the group's name to display a pivot containing the group's maps and profile.
    Screen shot of the Map Hub search results groups panel.

For additional information on working with the map or group that you have found, see Work with a map or Find and explore a group.