Find and open maps

ArcGIS for Windows Phone is designed for exploring and working with maps using the Map Hub. These maps are hosted in an online GIS, such as ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. Before you can find maps that are part of an online geographic information system (GIS), you must connect to it, and sign in if the content has limited access. You can also pin connections to Start for easier access, and remove them once you are done using them. See the following for details:

Once you are connected to your online GIS, you can find and explore maps in a number of ways. See the following for details:

  • Access your maps to explore the maps that you created as part of your online GIS account.
  • Find and explore a group to find maps associated with a particular group.
  • Browse map galleries to find maps by categories such as featured, highest rated, most viewed, or recent. If connected to ArcGIS Online, the gallery also gives you access to collection sample maps that can be used to explore data collection and editing in the app.
  • Search for maps and groups to find maps and groups by a keyword.
  • Open a favorite map to return to a map you flagged as one of your favorites during previous use of the app.
  • Open a recently viewed map to see one of the four maps you most recently opened.

While ArcGIS for Windows Phone focuses on content from an online GIS, maps that are hosted on a mobile content server, which is a part of ArcGIS Server, can also be used in the app. However, maps hosted there are only available by browsing the folders of content. They do not have a search or a gallery experience. Due to the limited capabilities for browsing and finding maps on a mobile content server, they are documented separately from the online GIS systems.

See the following topics to find maps from a mobile content server: