Connect to a mobile content server

If you have maps that are stored on a mobile content server, and you want to access those maps using ArcGIS for Windows Phone, add a connection to the mobile content server by taking the following steps. Then you will be able to browse and open the available maps.

  1. Go to the Map Hub.
  2. Swipe to the settings panel.
    Screen shot of the settings panel.
  3. Tap servers.

    The servers settings page displays.

    Screen shot of the servers settings page.

  4. Tap the add iconadd icon.

    The Add Content URL page displays.

    Screen shot of the Add Content URL page.

  5. In the URL address text box, provide the URL of your mobile content server.

    For example,

  6. In the Description text box, enter a description for your mobile content server—it often works well to provide a human-readable name. This field is optional.
  7. Tap the accept icon accept icon.
  8. If your mobile content server is secured, you will be prompted to sign in.
    Screen shot of Add Content URL page when prompted to sign in.

You are taken back to the servers settings page. Your recently added server is included in the list of servers.

Screen shot of the servers page with a mobile content server listed.

You now have a connection to your mobile content server. You can manage that connection or open maps from it.