Change layer visibility

Sometimes, you might want to change the layers that are visible in a map. In the app, you can change the layers that appear on the fly without changing the map as it is stored on the online GIS. This enables you to focus on the features of interest for your work.

To change the visible layers in a map, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the contents icon contents icon on the app bar to display the map contents.

    The Map Contents pivot displays on the layers panel.

  2. In the Operational layer(s) list, tap the layers you want to enable or disable. Layers that are checked are turned on and will be visible in the map.

    If a layer contains sublayers, as indicated under the layer name, tapping the check box will turn on and off the layer as an entity, while tapping the layer's name will allow you to view sublayers and toggle their individual visibilities.

    Screen shot of layers panel of contents page, showing sublayers and toggling visibility of layers.