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App settings

When using the ArcGIS app on a Windows Phone device, the settings panel of the Map Hub provides access to your app settings. When scrolling through the panels of the Map Hub from left to right, this is the final panel before you are returned to the first panel.

Settings panel of the app.

Access to the following are included on the settings panel:

  • connection—Displays the uniform resource locator (URL) of the current online geographic information system (GIS) connection. Tapping connection gives you access to the connection page where you can change the connection. See Add a connection to an online GIS and Switch your online GIS connection for additional information.
  • servers—Displays a list of mobile content servers that the app is currently connected to and provides the ability to browse the content available on them. It also allows you to add connections to additional mobile content servers.
  • location—Shows whether or not the app can access the location of your device.
  • account—Provides access to your signed in account and the ability to log out of it, as well as a setting indicating if the app should remember your account log in between sessions of the app.
  • about—Provides information about the app, including the ability to reset the app back to the default settings. See About page for details.
  • Privacy Statement—Provides access to the Esri privacy statement.

About page

The settings panel provides access to the About page for ArcGIS for Windows Phone. The About page includes the version of the app and information about both Esri and ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Windows Phone, the company that created the app and the software development kit (SDK) used to build it. From this page, you can also send feedback by sending an email to