Add attachments

Once a feature is on the map, you can add attachments by taking the following steps:

  1. Tap the feature on the map to drop a blue pin and show the feature's location.
    Screen shot of identify on a feature.
  2. In the InfoWindow that displays for the location, tap more to see details about that location, including any features found with pop-ups.
    Screen shot of a feature's pop-up.

    If the location you tapped has multiple features with pop-ups, you'll see a pivot of those features (as shown in the previous screen shot). You can switch between the pop-ups by swiping from panel to panel inside the features window.

  3. In the feature pivot, display the information about the feature you're going to update.
  4. Tap the edit icon edit icon.

    The Edit pivot displays on the attributes panel.

    Screen shot of the Edit pivot's attributes panel.

  5. Swipe to the attachmentspanel.
    Screen shot of the attachments panel.
  6. Tap the add photo icon add photo icon to add a photo as an attachment to the feature.

    The Choose Picture pivot of the device displays.

    Screen shot of the Choose Picture page.

  7. Select an image to add it as an attachment.
    • Browse to and select the image you want to attach using the Choose Picture pivot.
    • Take a new picture by tapping the camera icon camera icon. Once prompted, tap accept to add the image captured to the feature, or tap retake to take the picture again before accepting it.

    You'll see your added image as an attachment. The icon in the upper right corner of the image indicates that the attachment is waiting to be uploaded.

    Screen shot of a pending attachment.

  8. Tap the save icon save icon.

The attachment is saved to the server and to your feature. Since attachments can take some time to upload, the pending attachments and any upload errors can be viewed from the map. When there are pending or failed attachments, you will see notification at the top of the map.

Screen shot of pending attachment notification.

Tapping on the notification will bring up the upload manager. If attachments fail to upload, you can retry or delete them from this page.

Screen shot of the pending uploads page.

If you try to leave the map while attachments are pending, you will be notified that doing so will discard all pending attachments.