Access your maps

When working in a browser and signed in to your online geographic information system (GIS), you can create, save, and share maps. You can also organize your maps into folders. Once you have created maps, you can access them through ArcGIS for Windows Phone. In the Map Hub, browse and open your maps through the accounts panel.

  1. Log into your online GIS.
  2. In the Map Hub, swipe to the accounts panel.
  3. If you are not signed in, sign in.

    Once you are signed in, my maps and my groups display below your user icon.

    Screen shot of the account panel while signed in to the app.

  4. Tap my maps.

    A list of maps you created and saved at your top-level account folder displays.

    Screen shot of my maps page.

  5. To see the maps in your folders, tap folders folders icon on the app bar.

    A list of your folders displays. Tap a folder to view its contents, displaying a list of maps it contains.

    Screen shot of Select a Folder page.

  6. Tap the thumbnail of a map to open it, or tap the description to view the details of the map. See Work with a map.