What's new

Version 10.1.2

The following is included in version 10.1.2, released in August 2013:

  • Expanded support for scale dependency on layers
  • Support for overriding editing in the map
  • Support for layer filters in the map
  • Support for layers from federated ArcGIS Servers
  • Localized into additional languages
  • Fixed posting attachments with add only permissions (NIM084199)
  • Fixed crash with uploaded shapefiles (NIM085622)
  • Fixed predefined queries for 10.1 secure services (NIM083799)

Version 2.3.2

The following is included in version 2.3.2, released in September 2012:

  • Support for ArcGIS Online subscriptions
  • Support for layers hosted in ArcGIS Online
  • Editor tracking and ownership-based editing
  • Support for WMS layers
  • Support for CSV by reference layers
  • ArcGIS Server and Portal settings merged under GIS Connections
  • Support for additional languages—Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, and Romanian
  • Various bug fixes