Work with my data

The following are some frequenty asked questions about working with your data and authoring maps for the ArcGIS app.

How do I make a map?

The ArcGIS app is a map viewing app and does not contain an authoring experience. However, you can author maps to use your data within the app. To author maps for use in the app, create a map and host it on ArcGIS Online, on Portal for ArcGIS, or using a mobile content server (a part of ArcGIS for Server). The workflow for creating a map depends on where the map is hosted.

If your map is hosted through ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS, use the browser to author your map in the map viewer. See Make your first map in the ArcGIS Online Help system for details.

If your map is hosted on your ArcGIS for Server using a mobile content server, the map is manually authored. To get started, see Publish maps to your ArcGIS Server and watch the video Publishing mobile content to your server. See Web map format in the ArcGIS REST API for additional details on the format to use to write your map.

In maps at any of those locations, you can include your data. You need to first publish your data as an ArcGIS Server service on your ArcGIS Server or as a hosted layer on ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. Once your data is available online, reference it from your map, then open the map in the app.

What versions of ArcGIS for Server are supported?

The app supports services from ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 and above.

What types of services and layers are supported?

The following services and layers are supported in the app:

  • ArcGIS Server tiled map services
  • ArcGIS Server dynamic map services
  • ArcGIS Server feature services
  • ArcGIS Server image services
  • Hosted feature layers
  • Hosted tiled map layers
  • Secure ArcGIS Server services (including those secured using token and basic/digest HTTP security)
  • OpenStreetMap layers
  • OGC WMS layers
  • KML layers
  • Shapefiles, CSV, and GPX files that are brought into a map
  • CSV layers available on the web
  • Map notes

Are secure map services and layers supported?

ArcGIS Server secure map services using token and basic/digest HTTP security are supported. Hosted secure layers created as part of an organization are also supported.

Is offline data supported?

Offline or locally cached data is not currently supported in the app.

How do I use the app to open maps created in ArcMap?

Publish your maps to an ArcGIS Server service or a hosted layer before you consume them in the app. Once you have your data published, you have two options. You can make it accessible to the Internet and author a map on ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS, or you can author a map on your mobile content server (which comes with ArcGIS for Server). The app works with maps from ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS, and mobile content server.

You can also upload shapefiles to your ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS maps. This data is visible in the app, but you will not be able to edit or update data directly in your geodatabase.

How do I use the app to access ArcGIS Server services?

To access services from your ArcGIS for Server, author a map that contains the services. The services need to be accessible to the Internet for them to appear in the app.

How do I display information about a feature on my map?

To display information about a feature when the user taps it, author a pop-up for your map. See Configure pop-ups in the ArcGIS Online Help system.

How do I label features on my map?

To label features on your map, set up labels in your data in ArcMap before you publish it. Labels are only supported on map services. For details on adding labels in ArcMap, see Essential labeling vocabulary in the ArcGIS Help system. See Map authoring considerations for performance tips for working with labels.

How can I support searching and querying attributes?

To support searching and querying attributes in your map, author a predefined query as a part of your map. Use ArcGIS Explorer Online for predefined queries. See Create a query in the ArcGIS Explorer Online Help system and this forum thread on how to add search by attributes.

How can I allow users to attach photos to features in my map?

Your data must support attachments for users of your map to be able to attach photos to features. If your data is stored in an SDE database, see Enabling attachments in the ArcGIS Help system. If your data is a hosted feature layer, see Allow attachments in the ArcGIS Online Help system.