Get started

The following are some frequently asked questions about getting started with the ArcGIS app.

How do I get the app?

The app is no longer available for download as of October 2016. See our blog for details, including migration paths.

How do I get started with the app?

You can work with the app immediately, as by default, it connects to ArcGIS Online, where you can search and browse for maps. You can view these maps and edit data on the maps (if the map has editing enabled). More information on ArcGIS Online, including videos and common questions, can be found in the ArcGIS Online Help system.

You can use the app to view any maps on ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. To view maps that are part of an organization or portal, add a connection to the GIS. If the maps are not publically available, or to view your maps, sign in.

To author a map containing your data, use ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. You can then keep this map private to you, share it amongst your groups, or make it public. See Work with my data.

What is the licensing of the app?

The app is available at no cost. For more information, see Licensing Terms of Use.

How does the ArcGIS app differ from Collector for ArcGIS?

Collector for ArcGIS focuses on data collection and provides a streamlined experience for working in the field, while the ArcGIS app focuses on general map use, query, and feature editing.

How does the ArcGIS app differ from Explorer for ArcGIS?

ArcGIS for iOS and Android were the first native viewers of maps hosted in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. Explorer for ArcGIS is the modern, native experience for working with your organization's maps. As the ArcGIS system evolves, additional functionality will be brought into Explorer, while the ArcGIS for iOS and Android apps won't be updated with new features and functionality. Some examples of ArcGIS system functionality that exist in Explorer and won't be in the ArcGIS for iOS and Android apps include the ability to search features, presentation playback, and support for oAuth.

In the current release, Explorer doesn't include the ability to edit data. For editing, use Collector for ArcGIS. Editing data will be included in a later release of Explorer.

While ArcGIS for iOS and Android allow you to connect to a mobile content server, this capability won't be brought into Explorer. Users who host their maps on-premises using mobile content server are encouraged to use either a hybrid model with their maps on ArcGIS Online and their data on-premises with ArcGIS for Server, or a fully on-premises solution with Portal for ArcGIS. Both of these options have a much better user experience, especially with respect to map authoring and sharing.

Your customers can access publically available maps using Explorer on iPhone or iPad. Clicking a link to a public map starts the app, or they can tap Continue Without Signing In on the startup screen.

Where can I find additional help or resources?

If your question is not answered here, try the following additional resources: