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Manage items

If you are an administrator of your organization or you have the correct privileges, you can manage the content owned by members. You can edit its details; change its sharing properties, such as making a public item private; move the item to a different folder; change who owns the item; and delete the item.

  1. Verify that you are signed in to your organization and that you have privileges to manage items owned by other members.
  2. Click Organization at the top of the site.
  3. Click the action button action and click Manage Items in the row of the member whose items you want to manage. The member's My Content tab of the content page opens.
  4. Check the left-hand box in the row of the item and click the title of the item to open the item page. Here, you have options to perform any of the following actions:
    • On the Overview tab, click Edit next to any of the item overview properties to edit them. Depending on the type of item, you have options to update the title, description, thumbnail, URL, and so on.
    • To enable delete protection on an item, click the Settings tab and check the Delete Protection box.
    • To change the sharing properties of an item, click Share on the Overview tab. Update who the item is shared with: the organization, everyone (public), or groups the member belongs to.
    • To change which folder the item is in, click Move on the Overview tab; find a different folder or create a new one by typing a name and clicking Create. Click Save. Only administrators can move items at this time.
    • To reassign the item, click Change Owner on the Overview tab and select a new owner for the item.
    • To delete the item from your organization and ArcGIS Online, click the Settings tab and click Delete Item.

      Dependencies exist between some items, such as between a hosted tile layer and the tile package from which it was published or between hosted feature layer view and the hosted feature layer from which it was created. You must delete the dependent item before you can delete the item from which it was created.

Ownership requirements

A hosted layer and the file from which it was published—such as a shapefile, tile package, or scene layer package file—must have the same owner. To change ownership of the file, change ownership of the hosted feature layer that was published from it. The file item will be automatically reassigned.

Similarly, dependent layers and the hosted feature layer from which they were created must have the same owner. To change ownership of these layers, change ownership of the primary hosted feature layer. All dependent layers and the item used to create the primary hosted feature layer—such as a service definition file or CSV file—will automatically change ownership too.


When someone leaves your organization, as the administrator, you are responsible for reassigning ownership of that person's items in ArcGIS Online. You can check the box next to multiple primary hosted feature layers to reassign ownership of the primary layers. This will change ownership on the files from which the layers were created and the primary layer's dependent files. Refresh the page and proceed with reassigning ownership of the member's remaining items.

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